Online Privacy

Privacy/Security Policy

Signature Bank believes that the issues of confidentiality and privacy are very important. Therefore, we want to assure our visitors of the confidentiality, privacy and security they expect and deserve when visiting our web site,

Information Collected

Signature Bank, N.A. does not collect or retain personal information from visitors to our web site.

Signature Bank, N.A. invites visitors to our web site to contact us regarding any questions they may have. Contact may be initiated by calling (419) 841-7773 or toll free at (866) 208-7773.

When using Signature Bank’s Online Banking product, secure socket layer (SSL) technology is used, which ensures our client’s Internet Banking account information is secure and accessible only to an authorized Signature Bank representative and the client. This technology encrypts, or scrambles, your account information which allows a high level of security. To support SSL, the customer must have an Internet Browser that supports 128-bit encryption.

If you have submitted information to us via the Internet, we recommend that you end your browser session before leaving your computer. You can also help maintain the security of your banking information by:

  • Not sharing your Internet Banking ID or password with anyone;
  • Changing your password regularly; and
  • Remembering to sign off the Online Banking system after your session is complete.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of information about an Internet session that may be created when a visitor accesses a Web Site. Currently, our Web site writes a persistent cookie to each user’s hard drive to facilitate security and easier navigation within the site. This cookie is encrypted to ensure the information collected is secure. The cookie only collects information needed to enhance the security of the online system.  To ensure your privacy, the information collected is never personally identifiable data.

Customer Information Principles

At Signature Bank, we understand that our clients are concerned about the confidentiality and privacy of their personal information. Because of this, your privacy has always been, and will always be, one of our most important concerns. We respect the trust that you place in us. A separate Privacy Notice is available for your review on the Signature Bank Web Site, which explains additional procedures intended to further protect your privacy.

Privacy Notice

Signature Bank, N.A. respects the trust that our clients place in us. Therefore, we are committed to protecting your right to privacy. We will provide the highest level of security and privacy in regard to all personal information you may provide to us.

If you would like to review our Privacy Notice please click on the link below:

Privacy Notice