Bill Pay

Available through online banking, Signature Bank’s Bill Pay service allows clients to make payments, send money to individuals, or transfer funds to accounts at other banks electronically and by check.


  • eBill: Never miss a payment or due date using this feature. Read more HERE.
  • Multiple Ways to Pay Individuals: You will have flexible options to pay individuals by check, by using their bank account information, or by sending the payment using the recipient's email address. 
  • Bank to Bank Transfers: Send and receive money to/from your accounts at other banks. 
  • Gift Pay (personal accounts only): Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other milestone with a custom check design and personalized message. 
  • Enhanced User Roles (business accounts only): Online administrators will be able to add or delete Bill Pay access as well as provide approval levels for each user. 
  • Categories: Easily track your expenses by categorizing your payees (utilities, auto, and home) within Bill Pay. 

To learn more about using your BillPay, view this helpful step-by-step demo.